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Irish Music!

Sirius and XM celebrate St. Patrick's Day



St. Patrick's Day on Satellite RadioIn celebration of St. Patrick's Day, both Sirius and XM will be running special programming to bring a little luck of the Irish to your weekend celebrations.

Sirius Disorder (ch 70) will feature plenty of Irish music to keep everyone's eyes smiling. Saturday, Dubliner Paddy Casey stops by "Celtic Crush," the weekly show hosted by Black 47 frontman Larry Kirwan.

Speaking of Black 47, they will perform in Sirius' studios on Monday, and after that, Chieftans singer Paddy Maloney will be making an appearance. If you want something a little harder, head over to Hard Attack (ch 27) for Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic metal. Or check out Faction (ch 28), where Flogging Molly will be hosting the "Hostile Takeover" packed with shamrocks and shenanigans. See more of Sirius' St. Patty's day programming here.

Over on XM, the limited-run channel "XM Green" will once again making its way to the XM Nation, with a full weekend dedicated to Irish and Celtic music. Starting on Saturday, March 15th, XM's Fine Tuning (ch 76) will serve as the home of XM Green, featuring music from The Chieftains, Paul Brady, The Clancy Brothers, Young Dubliners, The Wolfetones and many others to help listeners get into the Irish spirit.

XM Green kicks off on Saturday at 12 midnight ET and continues through Tuesday, March 18th at 3am ET.
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