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Sirius Shareholders Approve XM Deal

November 13, 2007

Sirius Shareholders Approve XM Deal

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Shareholders of Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. on Tuesday
approved the company's acquisition of rival XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.

The approval, which was expected, now leaves the tougher obstacles of
regulatory approval by the Department of Justice and the Federal
Communications Commission. XM's shareholders were also voting Tuesday on
the deal.

Sirius said in a statement that more than 96 percent of the shareholder
votes cast approved the acquisition.

Shareholder advisory firms had endorsed the deal, which would save costs
for both companies on acquiring subscribers, programming and broadcasting.

The deal still faces close scrutiny by regulators in Washington, however,
and some consumer groups have opposed the combination.

The FCC had originally said the two satellite companies couldn't combine,
but that rule can be changed. Sirius and XM have argued that satellite
radio now faces more competition for listeners since the advent of portable
listening devices like Apple Inc.'s iPod, Internet radio and cell phones
that can play music.
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